We have a number of photos, some of which were used on our 2008 calendar.

Here is one taken by John White in November 2007, showing a steam train passing 
through Aqueduct, resplendent with poppy.

The photo was taken from the bridge on Silkin Way.

The locomotive is an ex GWR Hawksworth Class 94 pannier tank, number 9466.

If anyone is interested in knowing more about this train, there is information  here.

A priceless memory

Windmill Farm

This picture of Windmill Farm was taken prior to the demolition of the farm
to make way for part of the Brookside estate.


7 Responses to Photos

  1. rosemary perry says:

    Yes please Lin I would love to see them

  2. Lin Keska says:

    Leave me your email please….Have a lovely Aqueduct photo 1900, of Local people

    • John White says:

      Hi Lin,
      The Britannia Aqueduct History group would love to see your Aqueduct photo 1900 of local people if possible. Glad you liked my photo of the steam train passing through Madeley Court station.
      Kind regards, John White. Vice Chair. Britannia Aqueduct History Group.

  3. Rosemary Perry says:

    So many happy memories of garden parties at Windmill Farm with the Taylor Family. We used to all pile on the tractor with a dray on the back and Mr Taylor would take us for a ride all around the fields. I have several photos of myself aged 5 presenting a bouquet of flowers to Mrs Taylor.
    There son Terry and daughter Kathleen grew up with my sisters, they really were a great family.

  4. peter walker says:

    can I wish all at BAHS a happy and prosperous new year

    Pete Walker vice chairman

  5. peter walker says:

    merry christmas to all at BAHS

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