Windmill Farm, Brookside

10583921_10152594219587766_3854231294042458139_nThis photo (reproduced by kind permission of Mrs Rosemary Perry) dates from about 1955/6. After the annual garden party guests were taken on a ride around the farm – the farmer, Mr Taylor can be seen on the left. On another local history web site it says that Mr Taylor was Mayor of Madeley (Madeley never had a Mayor) – but he may well have been Mayor of Wenlock (the Madeley area used to be part of the old Borough of Wenlock until 1966, when it became part of Dawley Urban District).

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4 Responses to Windmill Farm, Brookside

  1. wwwebbers says:

    My Dad used to work for Mr Taylor on the Windmill Farm from about 1942 until 1960/61. My Mum and her family owned Madeley Court Farm. My Mum says that Mr & Mrs Taylor were the loveliest people and that yes, Mr Taylor was indeed once the Mayor of Wenlock.

  2. robbreeze says:

    Can’t really help Joe, except to suggest that it was probably the windmill by Madeley Court that was mentioned, rather than the one on Brookside. The structure is still there but there doesn’t seem to be much information available about when it was working or who lived there.

  3. Joe Turner says:

    One of my family ancients, Rebeckah Nicholls, the wife of George Crockett Nicholls is recorded as having resided at the Windmill, Madeley on her death in 1805. Anyone have any further information?

    • Tony Moseley says:

      My Dad worked at Windmill Farm at Madeleine from about 1959 to 1961. The farm was owned by a Mr Woolley. Hi name was Frank Moseley

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