Welcome to the blog of the Britannia Aqueduct Historical Society

We hope to develop this blog over the next few weeks and welcome your contributions.

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8 Responses to Welcome to the blog of the Britannia Aqueduct Historical Society

  1. Rosemary Perry (nee Evans) says:

    So pleased to see the old piece of stone from the primitive chapel that was situated at the top of Chapel Lane is to be on show for all to see. I lived in Chapel Lane as a child until my marriage in 1972, and the renovation and modernisation was taking place at that time. I remember this stone very well it used to be in the garden of a lady called Mrs Deakin who lived at the top of Chapel Lane in the cottages, where I think there may well be some remains of the chapel itself. The stone was removed by Malcolm Knowles who was a surveyor with Dawley Urban District Council when the houses in Chapel Lane were modernised. He said it had to be preserved and took the stone to Ironbridge Gorge Museum for safe keeping. After 40years it is now to be returned to the site and the lane which was named after it.

    • peter walker says:

      Thank you so much for posting you comments. Any information such as your is vital to the society. Information of the Chapel has been very difficult to obtain. Of course, we know when it was built and when,approximately it was demolished but other than that, pictures of the chapel in its heyday are rare indeed. We would be grateful indeed if you could shed further light on this.

      Kind Regards
      Pete walker Vice Chairman

      • Rosemary Perry (nee Evans) says:

        Thank You Peter for your reply. As I say I can remember the remains of the chapel in the grounds of the cottages which were demolished, I think Spring Cottage which was the home of Mr & Mrs Preece (now deceased) but I think their son Mark may still live there.
        I am the cousin of Neil Clarke who I know has contributed alot to the society and like Neil was born and brought up in Aqueduct, I attended Stirchley School and my sisters and I taught at the Church St Pauls Sunday School until it closure in 1979. My eldest son was christened there in 1976.
        Obviously photographs of the chapel as you say would be very rare, I cant remember it as a chapel but can recall seeing the remains of it which are probably still there under undergrowth.

      • walkerptw says:

        Society news
        The A.G.M. was held on Tuesday evening. The following officers were elected.
        Chairman Peter Walker
        Vice Chairman John Forde
        Treasurer Geoff Shinner
        Committee Tony Ayers and Jerry Potter
        W.L.S.F. Representatives John and Ida White
        Web/blog update Rob Breeze
        The society is to fill the position of secretary following the “stepping down” of Raymond Haire after 13 years in the position. The society is eternally grateful for his work and contribution over the years.

  2. peter walker says:

    a happy new year to all at BAHS

    pete walker vice chairman

  3. Rob Breeze says:

    Thanks Pete, (well thank Kath actually – she did the work) but anyroad, once everyone’s up to speed they can add comments and photos on here – and it’s not costing the group anything!

  4. peter walker says:

    well done just what we need as a start point


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