Remembrance Day 2020

Sadly there won’t be a service at the Aqueduct this year due to the Coronavirus pandemic. In the meantime, here are a few relevant local photographs and let’s all hope that things have returned to normal by this time next year.

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Come and Join Us!

St James 19.jpg

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Clun Castle going through Madeley Court station 9th June 2019

My beautiful picture

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A Date for your Diary!

A chance to explore the hidden treasures in Telford’s green heart:

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We Shall Remember Them

The annual service of Remembrance will be held at the Aqueduct Bridge, off Chapel Lane, Aqueduct on Sunday 11th November 2018 at 2.30pm. We hope to see as many as possible of you there on the 100th Anniversary of the Armistice that brought WWI to an end.

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St James Church Open Days 2018

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Pete Walker

I’m sorry to say that I’ve just heard about the death of our Chairman, Pete Walker of Brookside. He’ll be missed by everyone who knew him – most of all his family – so rather than being sad can I just ask people to take a minute to remember the pleasure they had in his company.

Sleep tight old mate.

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And some more news!


Aqueduct Bridge

9th December 2014:

7.00 pm

Elephant & Castle, Dawley

Graham Bould (GB), Steve Hollins (SH), Bernie Jones, Sallie Lines, John White,
Malcolm Peel, David Smith, Charlie Tranter, Jane Pinter, John Hancock, Alan Scott,
Frances Bould, Jenny Brooker, Jo Havell, Roy Dexter, Shaun Owen.

APOLIGIES: Peter Walker, Andy Burford.



General Introduction by GB about a wide coalition to secure resources and continued interpretation/protection of the Aqueduct as an asset within a new defined Town Park southern boundary , touched upon a meeting with Mick Adams Schools Improvement Specialist at T&W to understand how resources could be secured for continued interpretation; also the need to engage the Museum

SH Presented latest Technical report following structural inspection, open to the floor for general questions regarding report.

CT Question regarding any way leaves in place.
SH Explained that there was no evidence of such!

DS Asked why cables could not be held up with timber supports to allow waterproofing to be carried out without diverting cables.

SH Explained that due to the size and nature of the cables Health & Safety regulations would not allow this to be carried out.

Comment: English Heritage currently working with Madeley School, Could contact be made in order to engage with project.
SH To make contact


Could Technical report be emailed out to all parties SH to send GB
Social Media discussion, how can we start up/add to an existing face book page etc to appeal for Old Photographs and raise awareness to project.

SH to enquire if this can be linked to Councils Website, ask for assistance from Councils PR department with reference to a press release about this meeting.

Frances and Jenny offered to help with Social Media and talk to Peter Walker about the possible link to Friends of Aqueduct Bridge Historical Society face book.

DS offered to deliver letters raising awareness of project.


Question Raised regarding the timescale of the project.
SH Explained that due to the nature of the different funding streams required to deliver the project. It was envisaged the project would be at least a 2 year scheme.

Comment: Enquiries should be made to Natural Architectural Heritage Fund as a possible additional source for funding.

SH is in the process of looking to replace Clare Turner who was leading on the project for TWC. It is hoped that the new project lead will be in position for next meeting in February.
Request made for next meeting to start at 7.30, agreed.

Meeting closed.


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Aqueduct Restoration – latest news!


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Aqueduct Remembers

Please join us at The Aqueduct, off Chapel Lane, Aqueduct on Sunday 9th November at 2.30pm, when we will remember them.

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